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jwurm 17.07.2017

Study dept. office hours are cancelled

On Wednesday 26.7.2017

pkonc 27.06.2017

Guidelines - Electronic enrollment 17/18

Please pay close attention to the attached guidelines for 2017/18 enrollment. Make sure you will read, follow and carry on all the steps required from students to be allowed to move to their next section of studies.

zburi 23.06.2017

May 2017

70281* New members of disciplinary commission

* Increase in doctoral scholarships

* Lecturers – absences in classes

zburi 21.06.2017

April 2017

69988* Candidate Nomination for Rector of Charles University
* New Internal Regulations of our faculty

zburi 10.05.2017

18th Student Scientific Conference

68091First Faculty of Medicine invites you to a Student Scientific Conference (SVK), to be held in the auditorium at the Purkyne Institute, on May 23, 2017. The Conference is organized under the auspices of prof. MUDr. Aleksi Šedo, DrSc., Dean of the First Faculty of Medicine and is intended for undergraduate and graduate students involved in scientific work.

jwurm 04.04.2017

University has Changed the Name

The full name is First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University or in Czech První lékařská fakulta, Univerzita Karlova.

jwurm 06.04.2017

Changes and Types of the GM and Dental Diplomas

From 1.1.2017 the diploma size has been reduced and the diplomas do not contain “Pragensis” in the title. The size of the original diploma is 32 x 45 cm. Click the headline to see more

zburi 14.03.2017

Faculty Open Day 2017

68012Are you interested in studying at the First Faculty of Medicine? Would you like to see how our institutes looks like? Would you like to meet our professors and students and ask them about studies in Prague?

In that case don’t miss out the chance to visit our Faculty on April 21st 2017!

kbuli 10.03.2017

USMLE preparation courses

  67595How to prepare for USMLE? More information can be       found in the article.

zburi 02.02.2017

Elective course “Management of Science and Innovation”

1semester long elective course recurring in both winter and summer semesters

TARGET group: students of all faculties UK, 4th and higher grades Mgr. programs +
following Mgr. programs + Ph.D. programs. Academic staff and employees of Charles
University have course accessible as part of lifelong learning.

zburi 24.11.2016

Prague 1337, the first successful caesarean section in which both mother and child survived may have occurred in the court of John of Luxembourg, King of Bohemia

66358The caesarean section is currently the most common obstetric operation used to facilitate childbirth. It is also probably the most frequent abdominal operation overall. In some countries, every fourth or even third child comes into the world through caesarean section [1]. Though routine today, however, this surgical procedure has a very long and quite dramatic history, accompanied by many myths and rumors. ( By Assoc. Antonín Pařízek)

jwurm 15.11.2016

USMLE with Medical Doorway Agency

Enrol for a free workshop!

zburi 19.10.2016

Elections for the Academic Senate of the First Faculty of Medicine of the Charles University

65543Dear academics, dear students, Elections for the Academic Senate of the First Faculty of Medicine of the Charles University will take place in November. In the following, you’ll find detailed information about their schedule and an invitation to participate.

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