Otázka č. 1: Hypobulia is disorder of
a) volition
b) sexual instinct
c) personality
d) emotivity
Otázka č. 2: Delirium is typically characterized by
a) orientation disorders
b) body hallucinations
c) dementia
d) depression
e) negativism
Otázka č. 3: Dissociative (conversion) disorders may express in
a) amnesia
b) fugue
c) convulsions
d) stupor
e) all listed above is valid
Otázka č. 4: It is typical for simple schizophrenia
a) growing social isolation
b) small activity
c) passivity
d) avolition and dependence on the others
e) all listed above is valid
Otázka č. 5: Placebo effect is
a) effect of very low doses of drugs
b) nonspecific psychological effect of drugs
c) effect of toxic doses of drugs
d) all listed above is valid
e) nothing listed above is valid
Otázka č. 6: Anxiety is characterized by
a) disorder of emotivity
b) nonconcreteness
c) nonmotivation
d) all listed above is valid
e) nothing listed above is valid
Otázka č. 7: Cardiovascular effects of serotonin reuptake inhibitors
a) are low
b) are higher than in tricyclic antidepressants
c) prevent from using in patients suffered from cardiovascular disease
d) nothing listed above is valid
Otázka č. 8: It belongs to nootropics
a) mescaline
b) fluoxetine
c) piracetam
d) nothing listed above is valid
Otázka č. 9: Acute effect of intoxication by marijuana includes
a) euphoria
b) enhancement of sensory perception
c) hypermobility
d) antinociception
e) all listed above is valid
Otázka č. 10: Dementia is a syndrome characterized by
a) decline of intellect
b) decline of memory
c) orientation disorders
d) impairment of thinking (abstract mainly)
e) all listed above is valid
Otázka č. 11: It does not belong to sexual dysfunctions
a) failure of genital response
b) ejaculatio praecox
c) anorgasmy
d) felatio
Otázka č. 12: It falls into manic syndrome
a) bradypsychism
b) incoherence
c) pseudoincoherence
d) tenacious
e) autistic thought
Otázka č. 13: Emotional ambivalence is characteristic for
a) recurrent depressive disorder
b) mania
c) Alzheimer disease
d) paranoia
e) schizophrenia
Otázka č. 14: Course of schizophrenia is
a) chronic
b) episodic with progressive or stable deficit
c) episodic with complete or incomplete remission
d) all listed above is valid
Otázka č. 15: Purposeless enhanced activity is termed
a) stupor
b) hyperbulia
c) agitation
d) automatism
e) raptus
Otázka č. 16: Hypoprosexia means
a) lowered attention
b) affective blunting
c) decreased sexual activity
d) jealousy
Otázka č. 17: Chronic jealousy is typical for
a) chronic alcoholism
b) schizophrenia
c) mania
d) depression
Otázka č. 18: Confusional thinking occurs during
a) mental retardation
b) dementia
c) delirium
d) affective disorders
Otázka č. 19: Treatment by descending Methadone doses is used during weaning from
a) benzodiazepines
b) opioids
c) psychostimulants
d) hallucinogens
Otázka č. 20: The consciousness is during schizophrenic stupor
a) lost
b) chaotic
c) unchanged
d) delirious