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The 43rd FEBS Congress Prague 2018


We invite you, on behalf of the Czech Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and equally in my capacity of acting Chairman of the Local Organizing Committee, to the 43rd FEBS Congress, to be held during 7–12 July 2018 in our beautiful city of Prague.

The 2018 edition of the FEBS Congress sees Prague featured as the host city for an important large international gathering in the molecular life sciences for the fourth time! The very first occasion dates back to 1968, when the 5th FEBS Meeting was held just a few weeks before the Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia that kept the country in isolation until 1989. Nonetheless, the second opportunity arose in 1988, with the 14th Congress of the International Union of Biochemistry held in Prague thanks to the efforts of the Czechoslovak Biochemical Society. The most recent experience goes back only 9 years, to 2009, when the 34th FEBS Congress entitled ’Life’s Molecular Interactions’ was held. The eloquence of this title was confirmed by more than 2000 participants from almost 70 different countries willing to share knowledge and eager to learn from their fellow scientists. It is thus more than obvious that the year 2018 has a very symbolic meaning for us. Not only do we celebrate exactly 50 years from the first encounter of FEBS and Prague in 1968 but we equally celebrate the 100th anniversary of establishment of independent Czechoslovakia.


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