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Foreign Student Affairs Department

Kateřinská 32
121 08 Praha 2

Kristýna Bulínová,  DiS. admissions, 1st year

tel.: 224 964 378

Michaela Vargová 

2nd, 3rd and 4th year, US Financial Aid

tel.: 224 964 242


Jitka Wurmová

5th and 6th year, ECFMG, Foundation Program, Alumni

tel.: 224 964 242

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The lockers in the changing rooms

All students are adviced that the lockers in the changing rooms has to be cleaned out latest by 14. 7. 2017. Things which will remain in the lockers after this date will be stored in building maintainance manager's office. Its collection will be possible until 20. 10. 2014 but only if the ownership can be proven.building maintainance manager: Karel Vaněček

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