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CENTRAL webinar series | Artificial intelligence – friend or foe?

This webinar series will also provide opportunities for professionals from five renowned Central European universities – Charles University, ELTE in Budapest, Humboldt University Berlin, University of Vienna, University of Warsaw – to share their experience and provide best practice examples in order to create frameworks and strategies for dealing with new technology in the academic world in general.

The biggest benefit of the versatile CENTRAL network is to react to current topics quickly and create opportunities to engage on highly relevant and pressing issues.

This webinar series also contributes to CENTRAL’s wider missions by bringing together experts in a hub of knowledge and experience, as well as providing opportunities for academic and administrative staff at partner universities to develop their skills.

→ Outcome and key takeaways will be sent to participants (in the form of a leaflet)
→ Keynote speakers (expert) at each event
→ Participants have the option to submit feedback after the event to see how we can improve for the next webinar series

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Upcoming webinars:

25th May 2023 15:30-17:00

Dr. Sheikh Faisal Rashid on "Confronting Ethical Challenges of AI in Education"
DFKI Berlin

31st May 2023 15:30-17:00

Dr. Benjamin Roth on "How to measure the quality of language-based AI systems"

University of Vienna

7th June 2023 10:00-11:30
Dr Wojciech Hardy and Dr Joanna Mazur on "AI and labour market"
DELab University of Warsaw

More information can be found here.

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