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Undergraduate studies (Master Studies) 2016/2017

Study programs offered in English language [top]

  • General Medicine
    6 year curriculum leading to the Master degree MUDr. - "Medicinae Universae Doctor" (M.D.) = Doctor of General Medicine

  • Dentistry
    5 year program leading to the aster degree MDDr. - "Medicinae Dentium Doctor" = Doctor of Dental Medicine

   These courses are completely taught in English.

International recognition [top]

  • The degrees are fully recognized in the EU and most countries for at least limited registration. The student should ask the authorities or professional bodies in the respective country for information about the conditions for full registration and recognition of the degree required to practice medicine.

  • The Faculty is listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools published by WHO (7th edition, 2000, page 105)

  • Faculty is also listed in the Directory of Postsecondary Institutions published by the US Department of Education

  • The First Faculty of Medicine has qualified to participate in programmes under Higher Education Act of 1965 (HEA) and the Federal Student Financial Assistance Programs (Title IV, HEA programs) in the USA. Charles University - First Faculty of Medicine participates in the Federal Family Education Loan Stafford Program (OPE ID Number G33004).

  • Ranking of Charles University can be found HERE                                                                                                 

  • More about Charles University can be found HERE

How to be admitted [top]

Students are selected on the basis of an entrance examination. It is necessary to:

  • provide a notarized and translated copy of high school diploma (by Czech notary and to the Czech language)          

  • (Student with US education system must have college degree to be allowed to apply.

    Rules for applicants who apply with A-level results:

    First Faculty of Medicine requires for admission completion of at least three Advanced (A) Level subjects in the same academic year. Students have to have Advanced (A) Level subjects Biology and Chemistry + any other (A) level subject. Biology and Chemistry Advanced (A) Level subjects must have grade C or better. Two AS subjects are not deemed to be equivalent to one 'Advanced Level' subject. AS level subjects - one of them should be Math or Physics, the other one is not set (could be any).)

  • send to our e-mail a complete Electronic application form (click on Admission) on time (for exam in Prague)


  • successfully pass the entrance exam

  • confirm your attendance on enrolment in Faculty database

  • pay your tuition fee

  • come to the 1st year enrollment

Important dates

Admission process start       :   1.1.2016

Admission process end        :   8.5.2016

Entrance exam in Prague      :   10.6.2016 

Start of academic year 16/17  :  1.10.2016

Open day                              :   1.4.2016                                         

How and When to Apply

Each student can apply only once per academic year. You have to apply separately for General Medicine and Dentistry (send 2 applications, one for GM and one for Dentistry) if you want to apply for both programs. Students can apply even prior to obtaining a high school diploma, so it is sufficient to send

  • Completed Electronic application form by e-mail to our e-mail (click on Admission, create  new application, we will also require your personal e-mail. Please do not put there the e-mail of other family members, friends or representatives.)  

For exam in Prague:

When you fill your electronic application form and get a PDF format of application, please send this PDF to email admissions(at)LF1.CUNI.CZ. On application will be your registration number, which has to be processed by faculty administrator.

The deadline for sending regular applications for exam in Prague to our e-mail address is May 8th, 2016.

!Without showing special invitation letter at the place (at the day of entrance exam), which is sent by post and email by student office you won’t be allowed to pass the entrance exam!

For exam with representative:

IF YOU WANT TO DO THE EXAM WITH REPRESENTATIVE PLEASE DO NOT SEND THE ELECTRONIC APPLICATION FORM TO OUR  E-MAIL BUT TO REPRESENTATIVES E-MAIL! The deadline for sending regular applications is specified by each official representative.

We start accepting application forms from 1. 1. 2016.

NOTE: For Enrolment, it is necessary to provide further documents – see Enrolment chapter for more details. 

Entrance Exam [top]

Students are accepted on the basis of written and oral entrance examinations taken in English from the following subjects: standard college biology, chemistry and physics or math and an interview (just those who successfully pass the written part) both taken in English. Successful candidates must achieve at least 190 points out of 240. Both parts are taken the same day, so you should know if you've been admitted immediately. Sample questions are available. The examination is supervised by Faculty's examiners. The maximum number of enrolled students in the academic year 2016/17 will be 140 for GM and 20 for Dentistry. Calculators and periodic tables are not allowed.

You have 2 options:

You can take the exam at places specified by our official representatives. Please see our list of representatives for contact information and contact them directly. IF YOU WANT TO DO THE EXAM WITH REPRESENTATIVE PLEASE DO NOT SEND THE ELECTRONIC APPLICATION FORM TO OUR E-MAIL BUT TO REPRESENTATIVES E-MAIL!

In Prague

  • terms
    • regular term  June 10th, 2016
    • late term       June 24,  2016 (just for those who are not able to attend the regular one because of serious reason)


  • you should bring with you
    • exam fee 20 EUR in cash
    • passport or ID
    • printed invitation letter with confirmation of registration from Mrs. Kristyna Bulinova (without this invitation you are not allowed to attend the entrance exam!)


  • other tips
    • if a visa is required, a short-term (tourist) visa is sufficient for the entrance exam
    • An invitation letter for the entrance exam will be send by post as well by an e-mail at the end of May. If the invitation letter is needed earlier, please let us know. An invitation letter and e-mail will be sent to every applicant who meets all the criteria.
  • preparation course

First Faculty of Medicine doesn't offer preparation course itself, but it's possible to attend preparation course of

: Institute for Language and Preparatory Studies of Charles University

: with our representatives in Germany, Israel, Spain and UK 

Note: For the additional term, there are limited opportunities to make all necessary arrangements in time (typically Visa and accommodation in residence halls) due to a very short period between the exam and enrolment. These reasons are not legitimate for postponing the beginning of study obligations.


Transfer Students [top]

According to the Dean's provision n. 13/2015 from 7.9.2015 can be recognized only exams and marked credits which student passed with mark Excellent (A) or Very good (B).

Step by step procedure for recognition:


1st Faculty of Medicine admits transfer students only to the 1st year. We don't guarantee in which year will student finally study. After the whole recognition procedure we can accept students highest to the 3rd year of study.

Each transfer student has to do the entrance exam and provide notarized and translated copy of high school diploma (by Czech notary and to the Czech language). Student can apply only once per academic year to each study program. Student has to send

When you fill your electronic application form and get a PDF format of application, please send this PDF to email admissions(at)LF1.CUNI.CZ. On application will be your registration number, which has to be processed by faculty administrator.

The deadline for sending regular applications for exam in Prague and to our e-mail address is May 8th, 2016.

If student will successfully pass the entrance exam and will accept the offer, s/he will be enrolled automatically to the 1st year of studies. Her/his results from previous university must be recognized by the heads of institutes, which are responsible for particular subjects on 1st Faculty of Medicine. Because of that transfer student have to visit during the first two weeks of new academic year all professors asking for recognition (involve subjects from 2nd, 3rd year).At least half of study has to be done on our Faculty, so student can apply for recognition of subjects highest to the 3rd year. WE DON'T GUARANTEE IN WHICH YEAR WILL STUDENT START HIS/HER STUDY. To move to higher year means to have all compulsory subjects of first (second) year of OUR study plan recognized by our teachers. To these compulsory subjects also belong CZECH LANGUAGE and PHYSICAL EDUCATION. If the student will miss only one of compulsory subjects from our study plan s/he has to stay in a 1st year.     

Dean also can reject the admission because of capacity of places in particular year.

Transfer student pay the same tuition fee as its set for regular student in particular academic year. Also transfer has to provide notarized and translated copy of high school diploma (by Czech notary and to the Czech language).

Here you can check our study plans to compare curriculum of your faculty with our curriculum:

Study plans

Step by step procedure for recognition:


Visa [top]

    • Students from EU countries and Shengen Zone do not need a Visa to enter or study at our University. (If you will come to study, you have to as a EU citizen register with Police office till 30 days from your arrival.)


    • If a Visa is required, please apply to the Czech embassy or Consulate well in advance, i.e. 3 months prior to the planned departure.
      For the:

      • entrance exam - a short term visa is sufficient

      • enrolment - a long term Visa is required

       HOW DO I DO THIS?

    • (If you will come to study, you have to as a non-EU citizen register with Ministry of Interior office till 3 days from your arrival.) 

    • More information about visa process
    • MZCR
    • CMU         
    • Leaflet from Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic                                            

Tuition and Costs [top]

Annual net tuition fee is:

  • 330 thousand CZK for General Medicine

  • 360 thousand CZK for Dentistry

Tuition fee is same for EU and non-EU students. Tuition fee can be paid only in Czech crowns and most be paid in one installment. Faculty doesn't provide any scholarships for tuition fee.

Faculty has right to increase the current amount of the fee for the 3rd and every other odd year of the Student´s studies at the faculty. This increasing cannot be more than 10% of the current amount of the fee and new amount will be announced by the dean for the actual academic year.

Additional expenses (not included in tuition):

  • Additional expenses (not included in tuition): lodging, meals, books, transportation, etc. Cost can significantly vary depending on spending habits. Please see the Living in Prague section for more.

How to pay tuition fee?

Enrolment [top]

Enrolment takes place in Prague in September before the semester begins and it requires:

  • Admission valid for the respective academic year
  • Confirmation in Faculty database about attendance at enrolment
  • A Signed Contract with the Dean of our Faculty
  • A notarized and translated copy of high school diploma (by Czech notary and to the Czech language)
  • A Long-term Visa, if applicable
  • Paid tuition fee (it has to be on faculty account at the day of enrollment)


For admitted students are determined these PPT presentations.

Living in Prague [top]

There is no doubt that you will find Prague very attractive, easy to live in and still affordable. You might be interested in:

  • Czech
    As for living, English will work perfectly for you, but in order to be able to communicate with the patients on the wards during the clinical rotations some basic skills in Czech will be necessary. During the first three years of medical studies the student will attend lessons and tutorials in Medical Czech. There are also plenty of opportunities to practice Czech in the city.

  • Accommodation
    Students can stay in the Residence Halls, we guarantee place for our 1st year students. Pictures of rooms could be find here. Our students usually stay at Komenskeho, Kajetanka and Hvezda.

  • It is currently very popular to rent a flat. It is quite common to get an apartment in the centre, few minutes away from the campus at around 400 EUR per month if you share.

  • Expenses
    can significantly vary depending on spending habits. Sample costs are introduced here.

    accommodation 450 EUR/month shared double-bed apartment or shared room in the residence halls
    meals 3 - 5 EUR per meal in student canteens




    11 EUR/ month

    25 EUR


    reduced-price student pass

    average taxi ride in the city

More to cost of living

Academic Calendar [top]

The Academic year is divided into two semesters, each followed by exam period.

  • The winter semester starts at the end of September and lasts 15 weeks. It is interrupted by a 2-week Christmas vacation and followed by a 4-week examination period.

  • The summer semester lasts 15 weeks and is followed by an examination period and summer vacation.

  • Starting from the 2nd year, summer clerkships in clinical departments are included in the curriculum.

Contacts [top]

Student Affairs Office

Please feel free to contact us any time for further details regarding studies, accommodation, insurance, expenses, contacts to students… anything.


Charles University - First Faculty of Medicine
Foreign Student Affairs Department
Katerinska 32
121 08 Prague 2
Czech Republic

International Representatives

There are several official representatives of our Medical Faculty around the globe.

  • Botswana: Gaborone Medical Centre – representative for Botswana and SADC (Southern African Development Community).
    Contact person: Prof. Branko Cavric Postal address: PO Box 70424, Gaborone, Botswana. Physical address: Thebe Circle 2819, Ext. 10, Gaborone, Botswana. Phones: +267 3184-597 and +267 72121-424. Fax: +267 316-5513. E-mail:,
  • Cyprus& Greece: J. Afxentiou Educational Advisors, P.O.Box 33303, 5313 Paralimni, Cyprus, phone: +357 99477799, +357 99462266, +357 99569166, +420 776687009, website:,                                         e-mail:
  • Germany, Austria and Switzerland:, ein Angebot, das Deinen Weg zum Medizinstudium in Prag unterstützt und Dich auf den Aufnahmetest vorbereitet. Alle weiteren Informationen findest Du unter . Kontaktaufnahme unter oder telefonisch unter  +49 371 33 78 98 41. Preparation courses: Für Deine optimale Vorbereitung auf den Aufnahmetest haben wir in Zusammenarbeit mit Dozenten der Karlsuniversität einen Crashkurs organisiert. Für mehr Informationen besuche bitte For best chances at your Entrance Examination we offer a Foundation Course in collaboration with teachers directly from Charles University. For more information visit
  • Germany, Sweden, Israel: M.D. International Studies. Dr. Moshe Cohen – phone: +972-545255177, +972-37511553, Email:                                                                preparation course in US, Germany, Sweden and Israel -

  • Greece & Portugal: CMS Agency, 23 Nikis str., Athens, 105 57, Greece. Tel.: 0030 211 7508143, 0030 211 7508144, E-mail address: info(at), Site:, Contact persons: MUDr. Vasileios Tzigkounakis (e-mail: vtzigkounakis(at), Ioulia Papadofragkaki (e-mail: ipap10(at)
  • Hong Kong, Japan, Latin America, U.K.(+Ireland): Medical Doorway ,, +44(0)1782-898151
  • India: Caxton Publications P Ltd., Carmel Centre, Banerji Road, COCHIN - 682 018, India, phone:         + 91.484.2390409, 2397559, 2392959, e-mail:,, website: 
  • Norway: Bjørknes Høyskole / Bjørknes College, Lovisenberggata 13, 0456 Oslo, Norway, tlf: 23 23 38 20 | fax: 23 23 38 21, |
  • Russia, Belorussia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan: GRET, Ltd., Kovanecká 2295/11, 190 00 Praha 9, Czech Republic, Mgr. Alexander Voronin, gsm: +420 608 96 99 89, fax: +420 222 96 77 91, www:, e-mail: alex(at)
  • Spain and Germany, Estudios Universitarios Internacionales, Contact person: A. Gómez, Edifici de la Devesa Mes Avall n° 18, 4° tercera puerta. AD700/ Escaldes-Engordany, Phone: + 34/ 628857477, E-mail:, Website:
  • Sri Lanka and Maldives: Knowledge Partners,+94 712 848 991, +94 114 546 235
  • Taiwan: Taiwan Springbok Transpolo Group, Perry Huang, 5 F, 66-1, Pei-Ning Road, Taipei, Taiwan 105 New tel : 886-2-2570 5232, email: perry383838(at), website:
  • Thailand: CP Tower 3 (BTS: Payathai Exit 3) Tower B, Phayathai Rd. Bangkok, Thailand 10400 Tel:Fax 02-354-4525,,
  • UAE,Saudi Arabia, Oman: QADRI INTERNATIONAL,, Dr. Muhammad Yousuf Qadri, 

    Dubai,United Arab Emirates, Mobile: 971-50-7682055,

  • U.K., Ireland & Nigeria: Abbey College, 253 Wells Road, Malvern Wells, Worcestershire, WR 144JF, U.K. Ms. Debbie Hughes - phone: (0044)-1684-892300, e-mail: debbie(at), website:

  • Preparation courses in the UK for the First Faculty Entrance Exam through CMUCAS
    1. One Year International Foundation Programme.
      Suitable for students who have not completed their High School Education or those who are contemplating a career change.
    2. Two Week Residential Revision Programme.
      Suitable for students who want a crash course in preparing for the three examination papers.
    • Both courses are held at the Abbey College, Malvern, UK. The entrance exam is held on site, directly after completion of either course.
      Further information can be found on our UK representative's website or call Debbie on +44 (0)1684 892300

Preparation courses

First Faculty of Medicine doesn't offer preparation course itself, but it's possible to attend preparation course of

: Institute for Language and Preparatory Studies of Charles University

: our representatives in Germany, Israel, Spain and UK

: preparation course in US - 



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